Campanja's bidding software works with existing campaign management systems, data and drives double-digit improvements in campaign performance.


Campanja is bringing the power of high-frequency bidding and big data modeling to paid search, helping large online advertisers win customers and drive revenue, without overspending campaign budgets.
Campanja's Advanced Bid Optimization software predicts the value of every click and bids up to 7x/hour, adapting instantly to changes in market demand to ensure marketers never overbid or underbid.
Campanja's bidding software works seamlessly with existing campaign management systems, data and workflow, and drives double-digit improvements in campaign performance.

Smarter Bidding 7 Ways - Here’s how predictive high frequency bidding works.
Real-time Value
We use big data to predict the true value of clicks – down to the keyword-all day, every day. Avoid overpaying and stop leaving money on the table.

Automate & Accelerate
Conversion rates change all the time. Automatic bid adjustment throughout the day plus multiple bids per hour help you hit your target metrics.

Forecast, Set & Forget
It’s never been easier to set your goals, make predictions, and analyze performance. With the Autopilot Dashboard, you can stay in the know and in control.

Knowledge is Power
Gaining insight into consumer behavior and keyword performance helps you optimize the things you can control-so you can focus on what’s important.

Get Advantages Competitors Miss
Not all searches are simple. Deep data analysis delivers crucial conversions by helping you understand and optimize long-tail keywords and phrases.

Understand Intent
Not all conversions are created equal. With infinitely more data, you can understand individual intent and bid the right amount for each and every keyword.

Compare & Contrast
Quickly and easily compare [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding with the system you’re using now, with built-in A/B testing. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.


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