digital publication creation software


eDocker CREATE! is a software enabling HTML5 digital publications with interactive enrichments like videos, slideshows, hyperlinks, pop-up windows and many others effortlessly.

eDocker PUBLISH is a SaaS based service developed to make controlled publishing easy and cost-effective.

eDocker READ! provides readers with the content and completes the excellent reading experience - on computers of tablet devices.

With eDocker, you will have better views on your website and your customers will stay updated with your news. Moreover, with the advance of social media contents, the opinions of your local audience can also be brought along. Also, readers can also listen to the local radio while reading your news.

e Docker tool which works in conjunction with InDesign helps you to build enriched media on your News website interface. eDocker cloud service allows distributed news to be built into Digilä applications of eDocker where they are integrated into the customer's subscriber management systems. All customer data is centrally managed from a single location.


Software Category
Business Process
Website Monitoring

Pricing Model
Subscription SaaS

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Language Coverage

Post Sales Support
Automated Customer Service
Personalized Support (Phone)

Industry of Target Client
Media & Entertainment

Web / Cloud

Company Details

Founding Year of Company
Number of Employees
<10 employees
Number of Clients
>50 clients
Size of Target Client
Less than 100 employees
Less than 500 employees
Less than 1000 employees