Price Monitoring

by: Sniffie Software Oy

Sniffie is price monitoring tool for retail and ecommerce companies. Easy pricing data extraction, product matches and analytics.


Sniffie is an online price monitoring service for retail and ecommerce companies. With Sniffie companies can monitor competitor prices, availability and stock levels, best selling products, etc. Sniffie operates in the cloud and gathers, processes and visualizes competitor data that you have selected for monitoring.

The solution is based on three different cornerstone features: Price Data Extraction, Product Matching and automatic Big Data Analytics.

1. Price data extraction

Sniffie's simple and easy to use browser extension lets you gather pricing data across your competitor websites in no time. Select and save with a click of a mouse and create a data table for your master data.

2. Product matching

One of the key issues in online market intelligence is well organised master data. This means that your collected pricing or web data is matched to similar data points. Sniffie's artificial intelligence and algorithms organise your extracted data and suggests you relevant matches. Your task is to confirm the matches to create relations between products.

3. Automatic Big Data Analytics

Sniffie processes your data into relevant analytics on demand, which you can filter to your needs with simple data filters. This enables you to get an overview or detailed analytics in a simple interface with no need for big data analytic software.

For serious retail or ecommerce companies we also offer flexible API-integrations for Product Information Management softwares or other 3rd party softwares such as Tableau.


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