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Finance & Accounting

Finance software and accounting software are used by companies to manage business ledger, finances, and accounting needs. A finance software typically tracks and manages many financial accounts, synchronize all transactions from all banks and credit card accounts, organize income and expenses, pay bills online, and perform several other financial activities. Moreover, complex algorithms are used in finance software to generate useful economic reports such as budgeting and forecasting, investments, tax analysis, financial consolidation, controlling and reporting, and quick snapshots that summarize the data in easy to understand formats. Finance software also helps businesses in cash flow and liquidity management which is crucial for continuous day-to-day business operations.

An accounting software is mainly used to manage bookkeeping. It captures all financial transactions, organizes the information and analyses them to generate immediate reports when needed. An accounting software has various modules such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, billing & invoice, and trial balance which perform the designated activities.

Each financial and accounting software comes with a standard set of features which may not be sufficient for all businesses. However, using multiple software is not advisable as recording and fetching data from more than one source is cumbersome and error prone. Thus, many companies prefer to use a single finance and accounting software that meets most of its requirements. They customize the software and integrate third party software’s to fulfill additional needs.

No business owner wants to spend productive time in accounting and bookkeeping. They simply want to get it done as efficiently as possible. However, small or no control over finances can significantly impact the bottom line of the organisation in the long run. Therefore, it is crucial for firms to invest sufficient time in selecting a right software which has an intuitive interface, robust features and requires least maintenance or training to get started. The software must offer a seamless integration with a host of third party vendors.