5 Digital Strategies to Effectively Engage Your Online Audience

Businesses utilize various digital strategies to engage the online audience, generate revenue and profits for stakeholders and deliver value to the customers. In the era of cutthroat competition, no business can rely solely on paid advertising or aggressive sales strategies to generate leads and acquire customers.

Digital strategies are all about creating engagement. Research suggests that your online audience is more difficult to engage than you think: only 2% of the customers make a purchase on their first visit to a website. That means 98% of the clients who do make a purchase but don’t do it on the first visit can’t be ignored as they are responsible for generating a majority of revenue for the businesses. That is where the role of engagement comes into play. Engagement with the target audience is the first step towards building an effective sales funnel and acquiring a large number of clients. Successful digital strategies lead to a better customer retention and higher profitability.

The following digital strategies will help you engage your audience effectively:

1. More is not always better

More interaction doesn’t mean a better relationship with the audience. Consumers are already overloaded with extensive information. They hardly care about that great content that a lot of companies are generating to attract the relevant audience. The customers are so busy in building a meaningful relationship with their family and friends and most of them don’t even consider engaging with brands.

Thus, it is essential to go beyond interactions and think about shared values. A business and its audience must share a common set of values. The shared values result in meaningful relationships and higher engagement. The company’s entire marketing strategy revolves around that shared belief.

Digital strategies

2. Start listening

Many businesses have a habit of pushing information through every possible channel. A lot of them create content to educate the customers. However, very few of them analyze their audience’s conversations online and try to understand what they are looking for. It results in a complete waste of resources as companies create high-quality content on the topics which no one wants.

Use social listening tools to gain insight into prospective clients’ needs and wants. You must proactively listen to the online conversation and create stories that are most sought-after by your audience.

3. Incentivise

Create quizzes, hold contests and design gaming competitions with a clear intent of declaring a winner. Announce exciting and cool prizes for the winner and runner-ups. Make sure that the awards must be related to your business. Promote the event aggressively on all channels. It is not just about getting more participants, but telling the world that you care about your customers. Incentivize users to participate in the event. After the event, declare the winner with all fanfare. Use technology to automate as much stuff as possible. The winners must feel like champions and superstars. Remember that an event becomes successful not just by cool incentives but the messaging and buzz around it.

4. Go live

Facebook Live has made it easy to showcase your capabilities, internal workflow and anything else you want to broadcast to an audience. Take maximum advantage of this technology to communicate directly with your audience. You can use Facebook Live to promote an event, launch a new product, introduce a new feature to the existing product or for customer support. Provide answers to frequently asked questions and any other issue that users ask through comments. It is the best way to create a meaningful conversation with your target audience.

5. Use remarketing

Only 2% of the customers make a purchase or take action on the website on their first visit. Use remarketing tools to connect again with the remaining users. Create special offers and provide incentives to users to make the remarketing campaign successful.


Engaging with the audience online goes a long way in improving revenue and profitability of businesses. The tips mentioned above will be useful in creating digital strategies to start the conversation and build a meaningful relationship with your target audience. Remember that it is not just a one-time activity. It is an ongoing process which must be started from scratch and refined further to make it near perfect.


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