Digitization – Join the Digital Movement Before It’s too Late

Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen, CEO of swipx, met Brian Mikkelsen, The Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. They discussed the many ways in which we can drive the digitization of society, enable change and provide strategic value through innovative business solutions.

Information and communication technologies are much more pervasive than they were before. More people today have access to a mobile phone than to electricity, powering exponential growth in global data generation.

DigitizationCountries at the most advanced stage of digitization derive 20 percent more in economic benefits than those at the initial stage. Danish citizens enjoy more than 2,000 self-service solutions from the state, regions, and municipalities.

Policymakers play a crucial role in the digitization of societies. That includes:

  • Elevating digitization on the national agenda
  • Including the systematic planning and tracking of their efforts
  • Evolving sector governance structure
  • Adopting an ecosystem perspective
  • Enabling competition
  • Stimulating demand.

Designing educational programs that promote the adoption and usage of technology is mandatory. The complexity of IT solutions has to be demystified through more transparency and clear communication.
The new government’s increased focus on digitization will provide a more coherent experience for citizens and businesses. This will make it easier for companies to be a part of Digital Denmark.

In order for companies to remain competitive on the market, they need to embrace technology to a much higher extent than what they are currently doing. It is paramount for citizens and businesses to understand and have the confidence to use digital solutions. The digitization of Denmark will happen if everybody understands and embraces the benefits of digital innovation.

The public sector should continue to perform a leadership role and encourage transparency in the market for digital innovation.


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