Digitization of companies – a discussion with Brian Mikkelsen

Digitization is important for all agents in the marketplace - it drives increased transparency, better competition and lower costs.

In a meeting, this week in the offices of swipx.com in Copenhagen with the Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Brian Mikkelsen we discussed the business challenges the SMB face on a daily base. In particular how the companies want to remain profitable, competitive, close to the customer, efficient and at the same time offer their employees a working environment that is supportive, enriching and offer tools to serve customers best possible.

SMB’s increasingly understand that software solutions are an important leverage that will improve and optimize their business in order to meet their wants and needs. Hence SMB users are looking for a relevant channel of information to obtain the visibility, transparency and relevance of the solutions available

The importance is further put into perspective when you study a report published by the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs “Digitalisering og produktivitet” from 05.2017*. In the report, it is concluded that there is a positive correlation between digitization and productivity in Danish companies with at least 20 employees.

The most digital companies in Denmark with more than 10 employees on average in 2014 +20% higher labor productivity than the least digital companies. Similarly, highly digitized companies export on average more than low-digitized companies. Also higher digitization of companies can increase business productivity. Additionally, there is a growth potential in increased digitalization in the Danish companies.

However, at the same time, the market for software is developing very rapidly. There is a constant emergence of new players with new innovative solutions and business models. As a result, the software market is now more complex than ever – for SMB users and vendors making and selling software.

Hence there is a need for a platform that matches both sides of the equation.

swipx is exactly providing this business-to-business cloud platform that organizes the software market. swipx is significantly changing how companies buy software and swipx accelerates how software companies are visible and sell software in the marketplace.


* This report is only available in Danish



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