3 Easy Ways To Improve Customer Retention

With the advent of business intelligence(BI) the challenge of customer retention can be efficiently addressed now.

In today’s business environment, customer retention lays the pathway to business success. Organizations worldwide are trying to come up with strategies to improve customer retention rates, which will directly increase their return on investment. Through the various tools and techniques available in the market, enticing customers has become a slightly easier job. It’s retaining those customers that’s still a challenge for many business leaders. The available data evaluation and extraction tools assist businesses in making objective business decisions.

Let’s look at the ways in which you can leverage BI to improve customer retention rates:

1.Analyze and predict customer behavior

Today, customer data is flowing in from all the nooks and crannies of your organization. And as a business leader, your job is to collect as much data as possible. You can never know what shred of customer information can lead to creating a brilliant business plan that will work wonders for customer retention. If you’re wondering how you will put all that data to use, the answer is business intelligence. BI tools will allow you to dig deep into your customer service data and analyze the feedback.

Customer retention

BI works by improving forecast accuracy and helps you prepare for market fluctuations. This means that by analyzing customer data and predicting behavior, you can provide users with an improved experience that will entice them to keep coming back to your business.

2.Measure for greater satisfaction

After you have put your customer data to use and have altered your business tactics, you should assess the success of your improved strategy. Measure fulfillment rates and delivery times and you’ll find out how likely are your customers to purchase from you again. You can use these measurement metrics to implement or alter your strategies for better customer satisfaction, resulting in high customer retention rates.

3.Influence customer behavior

Business Intelligence software takes the marketing game a step forward by providing the ability to influence customer behavior and the market. When you can monitor, analyze and measure customer response, you can allocate your marketing budgets to the practices with the highest impact. For example, if you already know that customers are reacting well to one of your marketing campaigns, say- a free service that you are offering, you can capitalize on this information by either offering more free services in different products, or come up with other similar plans. This will influence your customers to keep doing business with you and strengthen your relationship, resulting in better retention.


For business owners and managers, regardless of their size and scope, business intelligence is becoming a necessity. Today, customers are more and more demanding and brands have to strive to create brand loyalty by providing users with the best possible service.


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