Let’s talk about digitization at Folkemødet 2017 – A debate hosted by swipx

"The public sector can take a welcome leadership role in connection with Digitalization of Denmark"

When: Friday, 16.06. 10.30-11-30
Where: H1 Folkeskibet Vestjylland – Bådpladser

Public Denmark is far ahead of businesses in many areas – and today, citizens at www.borger.dk find more than 2,000 self-service solutions from both state, regions, and municipalities. Denmark has historically been one of the leading nations in terms of Internet usage. Thus 92% of all Danish families have access to the internet at home, only surpassed by Norway (96%) and the Netherlands (97%). Similarly, Denmark is one of the countries most traded on the net (79%) only surpassed by England (81%).

Digitalization in public spaces has followed this development, and in many areas, the public is even far ahead of the companies. The government thus has too many unprecedented leadership roles. The importance of this leadership role is particularly emphasized by the new digitization strategy, which will:

  • Provide a more coherent service for citizens and businesses
  • Make it easier for companies to be part of digital Denmark
  • Ensure that citizens and businesses continue to trust the digital solutions.

However, the digitization strategy is not a concrete indicative of whether the public sector may and should help private companies to digitize. That is why this topic is being discussed. And swipx is providing a number of leading business professionals, from the private sector as well as from the public sector a platform to discuss this.




  • Kris Østergaard, Chief Learning & Innovation Officer, SingularityU Denmark.
  • Poul Ditlev Christiansen, Member of the Executive Management, KOMBIT.
  • Jørgen Bardenfleth, Professional Board Member
  • Bjarne Pedersen, Municipal Director, Rudersdal Municipality
  • Thomas Kiær, Chairman of the Board Sundhed Danmark & CEO, Capio CFR
  • Torben Dalgaard, Member of the Executive Management for Center for It, Medico og Telephony, Region Hovedstaden

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Link to the event: https://kalender.brk.dk/event/user-view/21777

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