Marketing Automation Software – How To Get The Most Out of It

The 4 challenges you need to handle to ensure a successful marketing campaign for your company.

Do you get the most out of your marketing automation software?

For B2C companies,  business growth is directly proportional to the number of new customer acquisitions. As the volume grows, it becomes difficult to maintain a direct relationship with their clients. Companies use specialized software for various tasks like sending emails, automating social media sharing, etc. to nurture and develop relationships.

However, the different software for each marketing channel makes the entire marketing process repetitive, redundant and time-consuming. The focus of marketers shifts from consumers to day-to-day activities such as creating a different campaign for each medium to promote same content, unique user profiling for each medium, etc.

A marketing automation software integrates most of the digital marketing channels like email, social media, website, etc. seamlessly and automates the repetitive marketing tasks to improve efficiency and productivity. With the help of marketing automation software, the segmentation and behavioral targeting become effortless.


Marketing automation software


B2C companies face 4 types of challenges in implementing marketing automation software:

1.Data Quality & Management

Data is the heart of marketing automation software. The tools analyze the existing data and segment consumers based on similar user profiles. Dynamic keywords are used to target each segment of customers. However, if the data itself is inaccurate or not managed appropriately, the entire campaign may go horribly wrong.

To address this concern, you must evaluate the compatibility of the tool with your data. If the data is old or scattered, you must speak to the vendor about the issue to check if there is a possibility of developing a custom solution.

2.Suboptimal utilization

Marketing automation software has an immense potential. It can transform the way you have marketed your business till date. However, the trick lies in the flawless integration of the software with your CRM and optimal utilization of the available features.

Marketers can’t take full advantage of automation tools if they follow a traditional approach. For example, you need to map user behavior and target them differently based on their action on your website or elsewhere. You may end up burning more cash without getting much in return.

Launch an extensive training program for your marketing department about the new software that is going to replace the existing systems. The training should be aimed at changing the approach of using the new tool and not just learning the features. The team should seriously consider the benefits of the new features introduced by vendors over a period. Also, encourage members to read the product manual and clarify state doubts. It will save significant time in the future.

3.Lack of Quality Content

While data is the heart of marketing automation, content is its soul. Quality content helps convert prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates. Organizations that don’t produce quality content find it difficult to implement marketing automation successfully.

If you plan to use or are already using automation of marketing, upgrade your content. Regular blog, case studies, customer testimonials, podcasts and video content should be an integral part of marketing activities.

4.Too much focus on Email Marketing

Email is a powerful and useful marketing tool. However, its utility is mostly misunderstood. Spam filters have been consistently strengthened to filter promotional emails. The consumers enjoy unprecedented power to choose the entities from which they wish to receive email. While integrating marketing automation software, many companies rely on a database that is either too old or consists of users who didn’t give explicit permission to receive emails with promotional content.

The over-reliance on such email push can lead to a low return on your marketing investment.

Email is a must for every business to connect directly with consumers. You should create email content that is useful and preferably liked by subscribers. Also, with the widespread popularity of social media, you should adopt other channels like the blog and social channels to communicate directly with the target audience.

No software is the perfect software that can meet the entire requirements of any business. According to a report by Forbes, less than 10% of the companies have adopted complete marketing automation.  As a B2C company, you may face some challenges initially; however, a proactive approach can address most of these concerns. If implemented well, marketing automation software will take an enormous pain out your marketing efforts and help you stay focused on what matters the most – maximizing revenue.

Email marketing is considered the backbone of marketing automation and will have the largest audience on the internet in 2017. Read more about email marketing here.


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