How To Use Micro-Influencer Marketing To Expand Brand Outreach at Low Cost

Micro-influencers usually have around 10,000 followers on social media. By profession, they may be marketers, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers or subject matter experts. Their followers look forward to their opinion on the latest developments in the relevant industry.

Micro-influencer marketing is one of the latest and more efficient tactics used by marketers. Strategically, micro-influencers are the best fit for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have large marketing budgets.

These are some of the benefits of micro-influencer marketing:

1.High engagement rate

Micro-influencers have high engagement rates as compared to celebrity or macro-influencers who have millions of followers. Research shows the engagement rate on Instagram is inversely proportional to the number of followers. Thus, on an average, the content shared by users with around 1000 followers get 8% likes while the content shared by users with 1000-10.000 followers receives 4% likes. The engagement dips to 1.6% for users with more than 10 million followers. The same research suggested that users with 1000 followers get comments from 0.5% of their fans. However, those with 10 million fans or more get comments only from 0.04% of their fans. It is evident that working with micro-influencer marketing will increase the engagement rate of your content.

2.Low cost and high ROI

Celebrities charge hundreds of thousands of euros to promote a brand. Whereas, the price of each endorsement is just $500 or less for micro-influencers. It means that brands get better engagement rates with micro-influencers at a significantly lower cost.

Micro-influencer marketing

You may also use a large number of micro-influencers to increase the market penetration.

3.Personal connections

Micro-influencers don’t get followers because of their controversial statements, paparazzi culture or incessantly media coverage. They publish creative content and personally connect with people to build followers on social media. Thus, they have developed a highly-targeted audience base which could be used for related businesses.

How to find the right micro-influencer for your business

There are several ways to find micro-influencers. You can find them on the main social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Search for the users on these platforms using relevant keywords.  Set the minimum eligibility criteria for shortlisting the influencers. The criteria may include the number of followers, engagement and their personality traits. While assessing engagement, give more preference to replies and comments, as these are the main indicators of conversation. Avoid working with users who spread negativity or hatred on social media.

You can also find micro-influencers on popular multi-author blogs and publishing sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur,, etc. Search the authors who write about your industry, products or services. You may find a lot of writers who own a blog with decent traffic and moderate follower base. Use PR software to find influencers in a specific industry.

You can also use Google Advanced Search tools to find top blogs in your industry.

How to Engage with them

Send a personalized email to shortlisted influencers. Write a short email that attracts their attention. You may provide the incentive in the form of gifts, a trial or a premium version of your product or just monetary benefits.

Consider a long-term collaboration. Don’t end the relationship with just one campaign irrespective of its final results. Stay in touch through emails, newsletters, social media or engage with them in whichever way possible.


The nature of digital marketing has changed significantly. Instant gratification is not working anymore. Thus, to make your micro-influencer marketing successful, you need to build a long-term relationship with a broad range of micro-influencers. In the era of ad blocking software and a high cost of PPC marketing, influencer marketing has become an integral part of smart marketers.

The points discussed above will help you expand your outreach to a large audience base without spending a fortune.


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