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Let’s talk about digitization at Folkemødet 2017 – A debate hosted by swipx

13 June 2017

Public Denmark is far ahead of businesses in many areas – and today, citizens at find more than 2,000 self-service solutions from both state, regions, and municipalities. Denmark has historically been one of the leading nations in terms of Internet usage.

New Danish startup creates order in the digital chaos

15 May 2017

What does swipx mean? SoftWare IP Xchange What problems does swipx solve? Everyone talks about digitization and we begin to see the first progress, but there are still a number of barriers that inhibit and slow down corporate initiatives to digitize their business processes and their entire understanding of technology.

How Danish startup swipx plans to democratize the global access to software solutions

25 April 2017

How would you describe swipx in a few words? swipx is the leading European cloud-based platform, the meeting point between vendors and buyers of software solutions. What inspired you to create the software search engine? How did it all start?

Digitization – Join the digital movement before it’s too late

20 March 2017

Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen, CEO of swipx, met Brian Mikkelsen, The Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. They discussed the many ways in which we can drive the digitization of the society, enable change and provide strategic value through innovative business solutions.

Here is the road through the software maze

16 March 2017

According to the Danish Dictionary, a maze is a pattern or grouping of individual parts which are difficult or impossible to navigate. This is exactly how many SMEs feel when they start to digitize their business processes. Therefore it is no coincidence that a labyrinth is part of the logo in the tech start-up company.

It’s never too late to become an entrepreneur

21 February 2017

From the corporate world to entrepreneurship – a career with prestigious positions in Investment Banking on Wall St., traveling the world and running big sales operations as a General Manager for Australia and New Zealand. Now with a new purpose trying to make a difference, driving the digitization of society.

Four experienced IT – Telco guys have started a data dating site

22 August 2016

Four experienced guys from the Danish IT and telco sectors have established a new company, that will facilitate contacts between the thousands of vendors, that produces software for business customers to the buyers, who try to find their way through the jungle of possibilities.

Mature entrepreneur drops banks: Gets “clever money” funding instead

13 July 2016

Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen doesn’t know if he could get banks to finance his start-up company swipx. He actually never made an attempt. “No, not at all,” he replied, when asked whether he has been out on the traditional lending market. He in turn has done something else.

Founder: Rather dilute ownership than slowing down.

13 July 2016

Money can be the cause of sleepless nights for many entrepreneurs. When you don’t have any but also when they start coming in. Many people can join the discussion about the lack of funding, after leaving the bank empty-handed.

New company gives you the answer: This is how you find the right software for your business

24 June 2016

Many people associate startups with very young IT professionals that work with their projects in a disused garage accompanied by rock music and plenty of Redbull within reach.

swipx starts security community and kicks it off with security market insights from IDC Nordic

25 May 2016

The new IT Security Community is designed to provide all participants and stakeholders (end users, vendors, regulators, supervisors, interest organisations) with a new and common platform to exchange ideas, views and provide solutions to face the increasing importance of security in the daily working of businesses. Security in enterprises is changing rapidly.

swipx creates transparency in the software jungle

11 August 2015

The company FakturaIT is one of the users of a new software portal. And here CEO Lars Bo Koch can use it for both buying and selling software. Most companies face the problem: you need a piece of software that can solve a particular task or problem, but where should you start looking?

Now the portal just has to find its place

11 August 2015

For this new portal It is quite impossible to say whether it’s going one way or the other. But with usual veneration for entrepreneurs who both invest part of themselves and a portion of their savings on a new idea, we bring you the day’s top story as an example of just that.

Now was the right time

11 August 2015

Based on his experience at IBM in Denmark and abroad, Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen has just launched his portal, to make it easy for companies to find the software they need, here and now. “I wanted to create a tool that could find and narrow the supply.